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Thursday, 17 June 2010

Today Jo'burg, Today Cape Town.

Wednesday 16h June

After our cold late night we could have done with a nice long time in our warm beds but that was not going to happen.

We had to get up after another bout of minimal sleep. At least this time it was a manageable amount of around six hours.

There was a plane we had to catch to get us to Cape Town.

Ben and Mark did manage a bit of a cat nap on the flight but it's never enough.

When we arrived we discovered that the hotel we were booked into was about an hours drive away from the city.

You can tell he's a Producer, on the phone straight away.

Ben still catching up while Mark is still on the phone,

Knackered as we were Ben keeps smiling.

So there were a few frantic calls to try and find a more convenient hotel.

We ended up in the Holiday Inn Express in the centre of the City, perfect.

Well apart from the constant noise of the vuvuzelas being blown all night even though Bafana Bafana had been beaten three nil by Uruguay.

We met up briefly with Richard and Nick. They were gong out to shoot a report about the South African fans watching the game in bars and restaurants.

Nick and Richard ready for action.

At least I got more sleep tin my 4th floor room than Mark in his 11th floor one.

Some smart person on the 15th floor had thought it would be a good idea to play with the sprinkler system.

So as Ben and I slept blissfully when the vuvuzelas calmed down, Mark was dealing with a flood of water running down the walls in his room.

He ended up with about two inches of water on his floor.

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