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Thursday, 17 June 2010

Beautiful Cape Town and Chopper Time for Ben.

Thursday 17th June

We went up to the Noon Gun cafe car park which has a good view over the city.

Mike and Dave with the satellite truck had gone up to the top of Signal and told us that the view from there was much more spectacular.

So we decided that because we did not have a shot an the top of the programme at 6 am we would move and be ready in time for our first broadcast at about quarter past six.

The view was spectacular.

Dawn over Cape Town.

We were setting up for the broadcast when I got a call from Paul the programme organiser asking if everything was OK because they had been expecting a shot at 6.

ITN's satellite dish at dawn.

We did all the broadcasts without mishap and enjoyed the views.

Me capturing the dawn (pic courtesy of Mike the sat' engineer).

Our only guest of the morning was Paul Elliot the ex Chelsea player.

Ben and Paul set up for the first broadcast.

The light comes up but the mist remains.

Paul and Ben share a laugh with Mike and Dave watching.

Beautiful mist.

Ben tweets between broadcasts.

We were reunited with Richard an Nick for breakfast where we hatched a plan for some afternoon delight in top of Table Mountain and in a helicopter.

Richard and Nick went off up the mountain to interview any England fans that might be up there. Ben, Mark and I went off to the heliport at the Waterfront to go up in a helicopter.

Walking out to the chopper.

The helicopter we flew in was a Robinson R44 which is not the most ideal platform from which to film for two reasons.

The Huey is still there. One day I'll be in it.

It is quite small so getting a shot of the presenter is not easy and also it tends to have slightly more of a vibration problem than the larger helicopters.

Ben has a chat with Mark whilst Nick the pilot goes through his pre-flight checks.

Mark on his first helicopter flight.

The Mother City below.

The City Centre.

The R44 back on the ground.

Once we were back to earth Mark and I indulged in our Thursday ritual hunt for a location in the city for tomorrow’s broadcast.

Ben had some down time and decided to go for a short, 10 mile run.

After looking around for most of the afternoon we found a place we thought would be ideal. It was a restaurant called Van Hunks.

It is nothing to do with rippling beefcake but the name of a chap in local legend.

The layer of cloud that sometimes sits on the top of Table Mountain is called its table cloth.

The legend says that it is smoke left as a result of a pipe smoking contest between Van Hunk and the Devil.

Then in the evening working in the apartment in which Richard and Nick were staying we put all our days work together.

Ben listens to the interviews...

...Richard starts the edit...

...Mark makes the calls.

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