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Monday, 21 June 2010

The Trek to Green Point.

Friday 18th June (pm)

In line with British tradition before a big event we had a pre-match curry in a trendy Indian restaurant near Cape Town’s Greenmarket square.

GMTV’s sales supremo Simon was there with a few select advertisers.

The advertising boys were off the the game to be indulged in corporate hospitality.

We were not quite so lucky. Right up until a few minutes before kick off we did not have tickets.

All hail to Michelle and Pauline from ITV Sport for coming up with the goods.

Luckily Mark and I are fairly fit, not up to Ben’s marathon standard by a long way but fit enough to deal with the the misinformation given to us by a couple of policemen trying to be helpful.

They sent us on a mini marathon to get to the media entrance to the stadium.

The up side was that we probably got the best views of the exterior of the magnificent structure.

As well as going towards it we went away from it and all the way around it getting to see it from all the angles.

The Green Point Stadium Cape Town from an angle not seen by many fans!

We did get in and took our seats just before kick off, not really sure if the journey had been worth it.

Maybe the boys in front should have played.

Once again even as a proud Scot I could feel the fans pain and frustration with their falling idols. They looked like a Sunday league team after a heavy night.

So far, yet so far.

The vuvuzelas that had been bought by loads of the England fans were mercifully quiet allowing us to get some sleep.

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