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Monday, 15 March 2010

She Won!

Sunday 14th March

Rose had won the Britain’s Best Mum competition, but she didn’t know.

Producer Sarah and Weather Presenter Clare Nazir were waiting for me when I arrived in a sunny Airdrie.

I got the gear out of the car to the accompaniment to the sound of kids laughing as they leapt about on a bouncy castle in Roses back garden.

She had been taken to the supermarket by her son Chris to give the rest of the family to set up a party for her.

She was on her way back.

I put on the wide angle lens that Sarah had bought for me and I put a radio mic on Clare.

In no time the car pulled up outside the house.

Clare and I went to meet her and give her the good news.

She was as stunned this morning as she was when we did the live broadcast last Tuesday morning.

Clare Gives a Stunned and Emotional Rose a Reassuring Hug.

Sarah guided me backwards as we walked Rose to her garden.

On the way she was even more stunned and understandably lost for words when Clare gave her tickets for a holiday in Jamaica and a cheque for £500.

Rounding the corner of the house leading to the garden brought a hint of a tear to her eye.

The Surprise Certainly Showed.

When her mother who suffers from Altzheimer's disease and she looks after came over to give her a hug it was not a hint any more.

The weather was perfect and the reaction just what we wanted.

The Smiles Say it all.

After the little filming we gave her our congratulations and let her know about the details that included a trip to London to be on the GMTV sofa tomorrow morning.

Then we left to let her enjoy the party and prepare for the jaunt to the big city.

Rose, her Mum, Family and Friends.

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