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Thursday, 11 March 2010

Chatsworth House

Thursday 11th March (Afternoon)

Leaving behind the little terraced house in Oldham that must have been an emotional cauldron I drove through the beautiful Peak District towards Chatsworth House.

The Peak District as Spring Approaches.........


We were to do the weather broadcasts and a fashion item there in the morning.

There were some shots to do that we would not be able to get in the morning live and a recce to be done to see the best place for the fashion.

The reason that we were doing the job there had been a lot of renovation work and the opening up of some new areas never yet seen by the public.

I met Kirsty the weather presenter, Chantal the Producer and Betsy the researcher along with Simon and Steve the PR chaps from the house.

On the way in I had done the wide shot of the impressive house from a distance and now we had a walk around the outside where I got some closer exterior shots.

The View Over the Lake Housing the Emperor Fountain with the House at the End.

We worked out the best place for the weather broadcasts and the fashion item if the weather stayed dry.

Inside as well as doing some shots of the new areas that were still being finished off we looked at an interior location that would be a wet weather option.

The whole place is quite jaw dropping in it’s grandeur and history.

One of the Grand Rooms, The Dining Room.

The best place for the fashion was the painted Gallery with its fantastic murals and grand staircase.

The Spectacular Painted Hall from the top of the Staircase.

The only problem was that the paintings on the ceiling and walls are very dark and need quite a bit of lighting to be shown off to their best effect.

I called GMTV to see if we could get some additional lighting but by that time in the evening there was no one that could help out.

We hoped that the weather would be not too bad in the morning because there are a beautiful set of steps near the area that the weather broadcasts would come from.

I carried on doing some shots of the areas inside that would be seen by the public for the first time when the house reopened to the public on Sunday.

The Sculpture Room.

We also did a quick interview with the Duke of Devonshire. He was very proud of the work that had been done getting things ready for Sunday.

Working to get it all Done by Sunday.

Having done what we needed to do we went to out hotel a half hour drive away along the pretty, although now dark country roads.

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