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Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Sue's Toy for the Boys.

Tuesday 25th May

Under grey skies that were sending a light spray of rain Sue Jameson and I drove from York to Thirsk where we met up with the Lib Dem candidate for the election that would be taking place on Thursday.

This election was being run after the General Election because the Ukip candidate that was trying to be elected then had sadly died.

So along with Howard Keal the Lib Dem guy, who, much to my disappointment did not burst into any of the songs from “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers”, we would film with Jonathan Roberts the Labour candidate and a representative of Ann McIntosh.

We could not speak to Ann directly even although she was regarded as the favourite because she was dealing with a family problem.

No He's Not Singing "Bless Your Beautiful Hide".

Jonathan Didn't Sing Either.

There was a bit of confusion about what the election would be called.

Sue had come from London having done live reports on the State Opening of Parliament.

So as parliament will be sitting when the election is held is it a By-election or is it still part of the General Election because it should have been held then?

There was much discussion about what to call it before Sue could record her voice over.

Sue gets Details of were to meet the Tories.

We also needed to get the views of the people of the widespread constituency about how they felt voting when the result really would not have any effect on the government.

Views ranged from downright apathy to outright passion for one party.

However, most of the folk we stopped and asked what they thought simply did not want to say anything.

The rain managed to hold off as we filmed and once we were finished we had time for a coffee.

Then came the highlight of the day for me.

Sue delved into her bag. My geek pulse started to race as she pulled out a thin black object about the size if an A4 sheet of paper.

Sue had just managed to retrieve this black thing from the boys back in the offices at GMTV. They had been passing it around and playing with it for the last week and only gave her it back very reluctantly.

My hands were sweaty with excitement as I opened up the cover that was concealing the latest bit of Apple technology an iPad.

Sue's iPad.

I then oohed and aahed as I had my short turn of playing with it.

Sue’s son Ollie had given it to her as a present when he came back fro a trip to the states.

It is going to be available in the UK in a few days. I already know of a least one guy that has placed an order after having played with Sue’s.

I said good-bye to the iPad and Sue once we had recorded her voice over.

As I headed towards Tyne Tees Television near the Metro Centre in Gateshead to leave them the tape to be fed down to GMTV in London the grey skies started to clear.

The Sun Going Down on my Journey Home.

By the time I got home as the bright sun settled down over the horizon it had been a much better evening than the day had been.

Edinburgh from the South at Dusk.

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