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Monday, 24 May 2010

"Is it 'cause I is Black?"

Monday 24th May

When we arrived at the little car park at Pavla Vineyard I was pleased to see that Steve had managed to get the satellite truck up the steep drive and under the overhanging trees.

We had all arrived at the same time and made our way up the slopes of the vineyard.

Going up the Hill.

Ben and I had chosen the location because of the fantastic view over the Wye Valley, surly one of the most beautiful places in the country.

Ideally we would have liked to have gone right to the top of the hill but there would not be enough cable to stretch that far and it would be debatable if the digilink would fly that far.

Also it was steep all the way except for a slightly flatter bit half way up.

We correctly thought that Kevin would be keener to do his live workout, however short that would be on as flat an area as possible.

Injuries are always a concern for the personal trainer.

Adam and I rigged our kit and got ready for the broadcasts.

We did a rehearsal of the main broadcast.

The sky was clear and the sun really bright.

Like all proper vineyards this one faces south so that’s the direction of the view.

The sun was coming, as expected from the east.

This meant that when Kevin was doing his little interviews with the guys either he or they would have their back slightly to the sun and be in shadow.

I was explained this to kevin and asked him to try not to keep his back to the sun otherwise it would not be too good because he would be “back lit”.

When I said that he started winding me up by saying “Oh! I’ll have you for racial discrimination. Tellin’ me I’m black. I know I am. It’s no surprise.”

I am so glad that he had his laughing face on and not his wide eyed bad boy look otherwise I’d have been worried.

The last bit of the broadcast was a short workout with music. The Bose speakers did their job blasting out over the Welsh valley.

Versatile Joanne Doubles as a Speaker Stand.

On Air!

Shooting Kevin and Charlotte.

Once we came off air there was the usual phone hysteria as calls were made to check if it all looked and sounded OK, if the content was OK and what the folk at home thought.

Francesca calls Home.... Does Donna.......

....and Michelle.

It does not take long to get all the kit back in the truck and cars, say good-bye and hit the road.

I was happily enjoying the good weather on the drive back to Edinburgh when I got the diversion call and had to head for an overnight stay in York to be ready for a shoot tomorrow/

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