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Sunday, 23 May 2010

Kevin Adams Takes Pole Position.

Sunday 23rd May

Before 7am the sun was shining again and it was already very warm when we went quietly across to the the cottage for Kevin to waken the guys up and get them out on another walk.

Once again they all bounced out of the front door happy and cheery as soon as he knocked on the door.

Ready for the off.

They were so up for the challenge that any petulance that make good television might be hard to come by.

The difference with this walk was that they guys were going to be using walking poles to help them along and give their arms as well as their legs a good workout.

The Poles Come Out the Bags.

Kevin's Smile Keeps the Guys Going........

........So Do the Views on the Way Round.

Sound Recordist Adam Helps Kevin with a Problem Pole.

All Sorted and up For it Again.

Ben and Stuart with the Z5s.

I was pleased because it was mainly on the flat so that my running around behind and in front to get the different angles was easier.

I still racked up a good sweat though.

On the route Kevin was once more stopping and doing little workouts with the guys.

He did one of the sets in a field of fantastic Bluebells.

They're Certainly not Dusty These Bluebells.

After the walk all sweaty and sticky we were driven to Biggsweir Bridge.

This was the backdrop for Kevin’s next bit of torture for the Beach Body Boot Campers.

The Picturesque Bridge.

We were given a bit of a longer rest by the river because Paul the bus driver had gone off. The ipod that had the music for the workout was still in a bag on the bus.

Enjoying the Rest.

Still Enjoying the Rest.....

It Could Go On Forever.

Once the bus was back, the ipod retrieved and we had enjoyed our short relax Kevin went into Mr Bad Boy mode and gave the guys a hard time.

Back to the Hard Work..........

.......for a Producer That Means on the Phone.

I filmed the pain, focus and determination on all of their faces. They were rising to Kevin’s challenge and none of them were prepared to give up.

I felt for them as the big man coaxed another few punches, sit-ups and sprints out of them.

Along with Ben and Stuart with the Z5 cameras we had got some good pictures.

The first half of the afternoon was again slightly restful with us just having to film Kevin and Charlotte chatting to the Campers about how they had done so far.

Then there was another killer, some great shots for me to get of the guys striding it out on another walk. This time weighed down with bags of flour in their back packs.

The views were once more spectacular and the bridges they went across beautiful.

This was the hardest one for me to shoot.

The main part of the walk that pushed them hard was a long steep uphill climb.

Mark, who is planning to do the open mountain stage of the Tour De France was got his head down and went for it.

I was waking backwards as Ben did a little interview with him we did not want him to slow down or break his stride so I could only keep it up for a very short time before huffing and puffing I turned round and let Mark stride off up the hill.

We did get a bit of usable audio.

From the recce on Friday I knew what was at the end of the walk.

The sight of Penault Old church made the sweat worth it and all the guys had a good look around it once they had stretched a bit and cooled off.

Penault Old Church.

Me Getting the Still Shot.

We were surprised that it was still one of the rare churches that is left open.

In the cool of the evening Ben did interviews with all the Beach Body Boot Campers in the back garden of the cottage.

Doing Michelle's Interview in the Garden.

These interviews would be edited and used as the voice track for the films that will go out during the next week.

By the time that we had finished the interviews it was almost 9pm. We were cold, having cooled down in the sweat laden T-shirts we were still wearing and very hungry.

Keen to get a quick bite to eat so that we could get to bed and get a reasonable amount of sleep before the live broadcasts in the morning we set off in search of food.

We hadn’t bargained on what it would be like to get a meal at 9 o’clock in a little village in South Wales.

We were grateful that Chepstow was not too far away and we managed to find a place to eat fairly quickly.

Going straight to bed after an Indian is never ideal but even less ideal when you’re only going to get around five hours in bed.

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