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Friday, 4 January 2013

Training Scheme Scam

Friday 4th January
The interview shot
No stress today, well for me anyway, just a lot of sitting behind the wheel of the car driving and then doing some simple shots and recording an interview.

Denise our interviewee was the one feeling the stress of having a TV crew, consisting of me and Natalie, the producer who had flown up from London, in her house.

She had been the victim of a bit of a money making scam by a training company. She and her sixteen year old son had been duped into a credit agreement with a company that provided vocational training.

As well as fleecing the pair she found out that any of the qualifications that the company gave out were worth less than the paper they were printed on.

Denise gave me the kind of welcome that is always appreciated after a longish drive, "what would you like to drink" and "have a biscuit".

She said that she was feeling very nervous and underlined it by uttering "my god" when I brought the camera, tripod and lights into the small lounge.

I drank my coffee as I set up the lights and camera, my every action accompanied by a more quietly exclaimed "oh my god".

She might have been a bit uptight but it certainly did not come across in her very articulate and sound bite filled interview.

Before we finished up, the taxi that Natalie had booked to take her to the airport turned up with a particularly grumpy driver none too happy about having to wait. Welcome to Scotland!
Natalie interviewing Denise

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