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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

To Perth, (again)

Wednesday 9th

At the appointed time we all set off on the bus to Melbourne.

Boarding the bus in Warrnambool.

Sam in full flow giving the guys the info on Melbourne's attractions.

The group had made the TV news in Sydney on Sunday. It was our turn to make the news this morning, even if it was only the local news paper .

A reporter and photographer had come along yesterday to our live broadcasts. They had interviewed a few people and taken a few photographs, one which included me shooting a couple from the group.

That was the photograph that was used to illustrate the report. They even got my name right on the caption...

We stopped off at a small town called Colac for a toilet break and a cup of coffee where I bought a copy of the newspaper to keep as a souvenir.

The little town of Colac...

...typically Australian...

..with a great quirky coffee shop..

...interesting display of old milk bottles. Remember them?

No. I wasn't the dope this time!

The article, on page 5.

For once my name was spelt correctly and the photographer got my best side!

It would not be a normal day if there was not a couple of bit of minor drama to deal with.

That came in the form of things being left in the hotel.

One of the couples had hidden their money and passports slightly unoriginaly under the mattress of their bed because the room did not have a safe. It was the house keepers from the hotel who called Sam to say that they had found them.

She arranged for the stuff to be sent to the hotel in Melbourne.

Then I got a message from the other crew to say that in the rush to get to their flight in the morning the tripod had been left in the store room at he hotel reception.

Sam then arranged for that to be sent to my hotel in Perth.

Passing the only place in the world where it is made.

In Melbourne the guys settled down for a good lunch at their hotel. I had time to grab a quick ham and cheese sandwich before I said good bye to everyone include Luke the producer, Sam the vibrant Tourism Victoria lady and her colleague Emma.

Grand lunch at the Sebel in Melbourne.

A car took me to the airport where I got on the four hour flight back across the country to Perth.

At Perth airport I met a very tired Editor. Greg had travelled from Kangaroo Island after editing the pieces that had gone on air earlier today.

We picked up a hire car and got the the hotel to check in and eat as quickly as we could. Which was not as quicklky as we would have like because it was rush hour in Perth and we had to stop off and the Tourism Australia office to collect the kit that they had been looking after for me.

Greg would then have to start dealing with the material that had been shot today.

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