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Friday, 11 November 2011

Kids and cute kangaroos on 11-11-11.

Friday 11th

Christina the producer and I joined the Western Australia and Margaret River group on a walk around the beautiful King’s Park in Perth.

The shots would be used in today’s programme when we would be doing our live broadcasts from Perth’s most famous beach a little way up the coast from our base in Fremantle.

We would need to work quite quickly to both get the shots done and get back to get them fed to London and be ready to do the broadcasts.

We arrived at the park as lots of people were coming to gather at the War Memorial in the park for a service of remembrance and observe a minutes silence at the eleventh hour of the eleventh day eleventh month on this eleventh year of the twenty first century.

The lives that had been given in conflicts throughout the years was in even more sharp relief this time because over the last couple of weeks Australia has been hit hard by a number of deaths in Afghanistan.

Our group and we, all wearing little red Australian poppies, were taken on a tour of the gardens by a very knowledgeable and engaging guide called Greig.

Great views over to the city form the King's Park.

Greig doing his chat to the guys.

He showed us leaves from a tree that when rubbed and crushed between hands would produce an aroma and oil that could serve the same purpose as Vicks in easing a cold if rubbed on the chest.

He demonstrated how to quickly produce fire by rubbing sticks together.

I filmed the group listening and watching in the green surroundings of the park, A few of he men had a go at making fire, with of course mixed results.

Before the remembrance service started it was time for us to head back to the hotel in the hire car.

Then with no time to spare we were back in the car for the short journey up the cost from “Freo” to Cottesloe.

On the way to Cottesloe.

Greg's turn to edit on the move in the car.

Graham had already had the satellite truck parked up. He and Trevor were busy munching on a couple of very tasty looking pies.

Gathered at the truck.

There was no repeat of the multiple problems of yesterday when we came to send the material to Daybreak in London.

One of the problems had been narrowed down by Graham when he got home. it was a switch that had been stuck on which was causing the signal not to be sent to the correct part of the satellite equipment in his truck.

Cottesloe Surf Life Saving Club.

Chantal, the producer of this morning’s segments had organised all the elements for a good series of broadcasts. Nature played it’s part by providing the clear deep blue sky and bright sun. It also allowed Trevor to exercise his skills as a sound recordist by whipping up a bit of wind, enough to make it more difficult to capture clean audio.

There were kids, crowds, hunks in trunks and cute little kangaroos.

The beautiful Cottesloe beach.

Time for some fish and chips between broadcasts.

Producer Christina with her new pal Joey.

The Joey in his pouch for travelling.

They really are just so cute.

Simon gathering the winners together for the live broadcast.

About to go in air.

More press coverage. Kate being interviewed by a local journalist.

It all went pretty much according to plan. Kate was even able to get in some banter with Dan in the studio and a surprise reunion with two cousins who had not seen each other for forty years in a short space of time.

At the end we got two of he life guards to throw Kate into the sea. It was a fun way to end.

Kate gets carried away.

All smiles after her dip in the sea.

Then it was officially a “wrap”.

We went back to the hotel, had a quick shower and once more went over to the the Little Creatures Brewery only this time it was not water in the bottles.

The nights winding down did not go on too late because we were all pretty tired. However, it was late enough for some dancing to be done and for Kate and Sarah to witness a streaker doing his thing with his thing!

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