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Friday, 9 October 2009

Now Then!! Vernon's Bro' Teases GMTV

Thursday 8th October

I collected my edit kit from Ravi's hotel and checked out of my hotel in Manchester.

I then had to kick my heels for a little while before going off to Bolton.

I would be shooting some brain teasers with Steven Kay the school teacher brother of the presenter of Family Fortunes Vernon Kay.

Here’s one for you that we didn’t use: What word of just one syllable can be made into a three syllable word by adding just one letter? 

The Teacher in the Classroom.

In the afternoon I met Steven at his school, a smart new primary on the edge  of a huge estate of  mixed housing.

He greeted me at the door of the school.

His shirt, with the tie slightly undone and the v neck sweater marked him out as a teacher.

His smiling open demeanour marked him out as one of the popular teachers.

I could well imagine the girls in the school being desperate to be in his class.

I am sure that the boys would be the same but for very different reasons.

Bit of a lad sprang to mind.

He was looking slightly harrasred when I arrived because he had been having a bit of a busy day away from school and had to rush to get back to meet me.

He Still Managed a Smile After Two Hours Brain Teasing for GMTV.

We had a look at a few locations for the brain teaser questions he was going to pose.

Once we'd agreed on the places I would shoot I started to rig my lights.

The head teacher popped into the classroom we were in and said hello.

Steven learned his lines.

I rolled the camera and off he went.

Now then! He delivered the questions and answers in a great Lancashire accent.

There were not too many retakes.

We used a few locations both inside and outside the school.

Steven changed as well.

We finished just in time before the cleaners kicked us out and locked the place up.

I had to head back down to Manchester.

The decision had been made that the tape needed to be fed to GMTV from Granada TV.

My hotel, the one I had checked out of earlier in the day was a ten minute walk from there.

The hotel I was booked into was about a thirty five minute drive back up to Bolton.

Did you get it?

The word is Are (one syllable)

Add an a

You get Area (three syllables)

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