Cameraman based in Edinburgh, employed by ITN, working for ITV's Good Morning Britain covering stories all over the UK and the world. War Zones, World Cups, Royal Tours and many other less exciting assignments, like interviewing current and ex Prime Ministers have kept me busy over the years working in Breakfast Television since GMTV came on the scene back in '93 and regional TV before that. In 2009 I began to record what it is like to work, the often strange and long hours needed to bring the hard news, human interest and fluffy fun to the UK's TV screens in the morning, mostly broadcasting live.

Monday, 9 June 2014

Gordon Brown and Claudia Lawrence Murder Arrest

Monday 12th May

The policemen guarding the home of Gordon Brown the ex-prime minister let us in to his drive to start getting set up in the garden to do a down the line interview with him about the situation of school girls kidnapped in Nigeria.

We worked as quietly as we could, given that the Brown family were still in the land of nod.

Callum, one of the workers in the constituency office came to look after us before his boss woke up, not that there was anything he could do really.

A little while before the time of the interview the man himself came out the kitchen door and asked if we wanted coffees. He took our order and went back in to make them for us.

We drank the coffee, as we got ready to do the short interview.

His large but, but not grand house in Fife has a fantastic view south over the river Forth towards Edinburgh. When I commented on the view he agreed and said why pay a fortune to be in the city when only a short drive away you could pay a lot less and have a view like that.

When Doug the technical director spoke to him over talkback to check that everything was as it should be he found it pleasing to hear another Scottish voice.

A couple of minutes later the interview started.
Doing the live down the line interview into GMB
When it was done he offered us another cup of coffee, which we declined, preferring to get packed up and away.

He said good-bye going in to get involved in the family ritual of getting the kids ready for school.

Tuesday 13th May

Claudia Lawrence had gone missing 5 years ago. Her body has never been found.

Michael Snelling had been arrested in connection with her murder.

I met Gamal, the GMB Correspondent based in Manchester and Rick, the ITV Yorkshire engineer outside the rather suspect looking house in York to tell the story.

It was already warm and the sun was shining. I was looking forward to a morning of doing bog standard easy stress free stand-upper live broadcasts.

The first thing to disabuse me of that was a problem with the cable between the truck and the camera.

We needed to use the radio link, which gave audio problems.

So rather than bask in the early morning sun in between broadcasts I ran around trying various bits of cable to try and get the broadcasts better. Eventually it came good.

The house does not look the nicest of places
Gamal in broadcast position

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