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Saturday, 9 June 2012

Everton Kids, twins and England at the Schindler museum

Friday 8th June

There were no inappropriate propositions this morning on the way to the live location or during the broadcasts.

On our trawl round Krakow we had come across Everton kids football team and a lovely dual nationality couple with cute twins. We had also made friends with quite a few Irish fans.

We had asked them all to come and join and be on the programme.

There was then the worry and hope that they would turn up.

We were confident that the kids would be there because Ravi had organised a couple of minibuses to collect them from their hotel and bring them across town to us.

The Everton kids
We were pleased to see Nigel with his Polish wife Lilly pushing the twins Adam and Oliver in a buggy across the square all dressed in football kit.

Nigel, Lilly, Adam and Oliver arriving
None of the Irish guys came. They were probably either fast asleep or nursing large hangovers after the antics of last night.

We had another fairly busy morning with news broadcasts, programme broadcasts and lots of little teases.

Standing-by to broadcast from Krakow's Grand Square
 A golden glow for Tiffany. I remembered the proper reflector this morning
There was no major stress or problems apart from a little trouble with talkback. Tiffany was occasionally having sifficulty in hearing the programme through here earpiece.

The only time it was in  evidence was just before one of our broadcasts when she asked if I could cue her, which I did as soon as she had said it.

The only thing was that the gallery had just put our shot to air and the viewers would have heard it.

The broadcast then went off as planned.

Ravi organised breakfast for the kids
This morning's guests
It is amazing what an affect some broadcasts have and where they are seen. Someone from Sky Sports Italy saw our broadcasts and sent a reporter down to do a report about the kids.

The reporter from Sky Sport Italy
She did a report using Skype on her iPad.
As ever the programme was full of live broadcasts from all over the place. There were some other problems with those.

The bad weather was causing problems at one of the locations where Richard Gaisford was reporting the on the weather and Katy Fawcett must have been having talkback issues because viewers also heard her talking the the cameraman she was with on their location.

When we had finished broadcasting we grabbed a bit of breakfast and had a short break.

Ravi and I then went to do a favour for ITN.

The England team were going to be going to do a bit of the tourist thing. Some of them would go to Auswitch and others the Shindler museum.

There was a logistical problem getting coverage of all parts of the two visits. They were happening at the same time.

Rags the ITN Sport’s producer had asked if we would mind covering part of the visit to the Shindler Museum.

Schindler factory, now a museum
When we got there we had a discussion with Rags, Russ the ITN cameraman and the Andre from the museum about how we would cover the tour.

It is pretty narrow and dark in a lot of places.

The plan was that when the players arrived they would be split up into two groups with a guide each.

That made things easy and straightforward. Russ would go with the first group and I would go with the second.

A little group of media and fans outside the museum
Visitor's book and ball waiting to be signed
The officials from the FA arrived and put paid to that plan. The players would all be in one group and only one camera would be allowed.

So Russ went off with the players.

John Terry leads the team through the museum..
..then Steven Gerrard  takes the lead going up the stairs.
Ravi and I scurried round the museum the wrong way to get ahead of them just in case Russ got stuck behind the guys and could not get a couple of the main shots that would make air like the  guys coming through some huge swastika flags and passing a mock up of an electrified barbed wire fence.

Waiting for the players
In the event I was not really needed but I did do a few shots that might get used but, probably not.

At the end if the tour the book and ball were signed.

Russ shooting the ball signed by the players...
...and book by Steven Gerrard and Sir Trevor Brooking
So late in the afternoon we grabbed a coffee and cake in the museum’s little cafĂ© realising we had not had lunch. We wee looking forward to a good dinner.

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  1. Great to meet you all yesterday,take care.Love,Nigel,Lily,Adam and Oliver. X