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Saturday, 21 May 2011

Glam concert for the Queen.

Thursday 19th

Today was the day that a lot of specially invited guests, including our very own Grainne had been waiting for. It was a grand glam concert in the presence of her Majesty the Queen.

Westlife, Riverdance and Mary Byrne were amongst the performers.

Getting to the event for the audience was not the most dignified process. The security surrounding the Queen during her stay in Ireland was so tight that they had to queue up at the Dublin’s O2 arena to go through a security screening process and then board one of a fleet of double decker bussed to be taken a few hundred yards to the city’s Convention Centre.

Waiting in line for security.

Not exactly the most spectacular location.

I filmed Grainne and her partner for the event, sister Sile in the queue.

Grainne and sister Sile.

The next thing to be done was at the end of the event. An interview had been organised with the X-Factor star Mary Byrne.

In the interval that Gary and I had waiting to do the later filming we had a quick wander to the Press Centre in Dublin Castle.

The Press Centre not quite thronging...

....but those that are there were watching Obama's speech about the Middle East.

At the Grand Canal Theatre at Dublin’s rejuvenated waterfront area we did a very quick interview with Grainne and Mary, who had been brought to us in a police car courtesy of he ever helpful Garda.

Grainne and Mary Byrne.

It had to be done quickly for two reasons. Mary had to go to a post performance reception and we had to get the tape to the ITN satellite dish in time to feed the material back to London or it would be another very late night and we had live broadcasts in the morning.

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