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Thursday, 27 January 2011

Hollywood comes to Glasgow! Well Ross King at least.

Wednesday 26th

I met a very happy and excited producer at Capital radio in Glasgow.

Ian was in very high spirits and was looking forward to the shoot that we were about to do with Daybreak’s LA Showbiz Correspondent, Ross King.

There were two little scenarios to shoot today. One would be Ross getting his outfit organised for the live broadcasts he would be doing for Daybreak at the Oscars in LA next month. The other would be to go in a series about the first jobs that the Daybreak Presenters had.

We were at this new radio station to do an interview with Ross’s old boss at Radio Clyde, Paul Cooney. He had given Ross his first break in radio a few years ago when he was just fifteen years of age.

The entrance to the new radio station.

We did a quick set up of Ross meeting his old boss in the office and then an interview in one of Capital’s new state of the art studios.

I was a fairly easy shoot technically, sound was not a problem and with a nice easy to rig soft bounced light we were ready to go reasonably quickly.

Ross and Paul chat about the old days.

Once the reminiscences were done and Ross chatted about the old times with another man in high spirits, Paul had just that very morning been confirmed as the Managing Director of Capital Radio in Scotland, we went into the city centre.

Ever smiling Ross and the new big boss of Capital Radio in Scotland.

At Slanj the kilt shop we met up with an old friend of Ross’s who was going to help him choose his oscar outfit. Janis Sue Smith is also the Scottish Sun’s fashion expert and stylist to the stars.

The Sun had also sent their photographer, Andy out to shoot what Ross and Janis were up to.

Ian was not involved in this shoot so he went off to do some work at an internet cafe.

I shot a couple of set ups with Ross chatting to Ross from Slanj and Janis about what would be good for him to wear.

Both in kilts Ross sorts Ross and Janis supervises.

This little shoot was slightly more difficult for me to cover on sound. I had all the equipment I needed but what I did not have was a sound recordist to swing the mic into the best position when each of the people were speaking.

I did my best with a mixture of my radio mic and the gun mic, which I tried to wave about in roughly the right places whilst operating the camera.

A bit of tweaking required in the edit on the sound levels I would think but on the whole it was usable I hope.

The final bit was easy. A locked off shot with Ross appearing out of a changing room in various Scottish outfits.

Andy gets his still shots for the Sun.

The actual kit he will wear at the Elton John party will be revealed on the day of the event when the winners and losers in varying states of sobriety pitch up to be seen and party.

It was a bit past lunch time when we finished that part. The three of us were pretty hungry so after saying goodbye to Andy and Ross, and kissing Janis good bye we headed off to eat.

In Rogano’s an old Glasgow institution we had a very nice bit of seafood.

One of Glasgow's glamorous grannies who lunches was in the restaurant celebrating her ? birthday, not her 21st.

She came over to our table and very politely asked if she could have Ross’s autograph and get a photograph taken with him.

How the other half live, the little pad of paper that she produced for Ross to sign was a little note book from the Ritz Carlton Jakarta.

At another table next to us was face a recognised and when Ian whispered to me asking if it was who he thought it was I said yes.

He had seen Ross and all my kit so when he was getting up to leave Dr John Ried, the ex-Secretary of State for Defence and now Chairman of Celtic football club came over to say a brief hello.

The last time I had been in his company was on one of the Queen’s flight aircraft flying with him on a ministerial visit to the troops in Basra Iraq a few years ago.

On the way into land he was up front on the flight deck leaving the principal seat, usually occupied by the Queen free for me to sit in and get some shots as we flew in.

After the meal which we did finish off as quickly as we could and the schmoozing we headed off to Clydebank for the final bit of filming at the home of Radio Clyde.

I was like a homecoming event for Ross because the majority of the folk at Clyde know him and were pleased to see him and he was equally pleased to see them.

We did a bit of shooting in and around the offices getting Ross to do some of the things he used to do as a Saturday boy.

The most complicated thing was getting the stuff to make cups of tea.

In these days of machines and closed canteens it took a we while to come up with a kettle and the other exotic ingredients for tea, like tea bags.

We got there in the end and had fun with Ross and his ability to make tea.

The sun was well on its way to make morning on the other side of the world when we finished.

Ian got a taxi to the airport and I gave Ross a lift to his sister’s place in the west end of Glasgow.

It had been a longish and busy day but, working with a good natured pro like Ross it had been a pleasure.

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