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Friday, 10 September 2010

How did he survive that?

Thursday 9th

Gregg and I each had a very pleasant drive down the A1 to the pretty little Northumbrian town of Alnwick.

Mark Rutherford, more commonly known as Ozzy was having a similarly enjoyable drive on his motorbike in the spectacular scenery of the highlands of India a few weeks ago.

The holiday video he had shot from his little helmet camera had gone viral getting hundreds of thousands of hits on YouTube.

He had been rammed in spectacular fashion by a local bus that had gone out of control.

The incident had been captured by the camera.

It was unbelievable that he had come out of it with just a broken leg and a couple of scratches on his chin.

Ozzy showing Gregg the footage on his notebook pc.

It was a nice easy job to shoot.

A little interview with Ozzy and a few set up shots of him on his crutches was all that was needed because obviously the bulk of the piece would be the video of the accident.

What made it easier was that Ozzy was a top bloke. He was very happy to see us even though he was a bit bewildered by all the fuss the incident he had no actual memory of had generated.

Ozzy also had some other footage that showed some amazing shots of the Rohtang pass in the Himalayas.

I had my heart in my mouth as he showed us the video of him negotiating this road blocked with trucks on one side, a very scary drop on the other, lots of pot holes boulders and people wandering about waiting for the traffic to move.

The other good news that made the job that little bit easier for both Gregg and I was that Ozzy’s material was already in the system just down the road at Tyne Tees Television in Gateshead.

Ozzy happy to be home.

So once the I had finished shooting the story I was able to head back up north in the lovely evening sun.

Gregg headed to Gateshead to get the material and edit the report.

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