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Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Amateur Hour, Prawns and Pics

Tuesday 20th July

I still had four days glorious days off work left before it was back on the road or more correctly in the air then on the sea when one of "those" phone calls came in.

“I know that you’re on holiday but, can you do us a favour?”

That was Monday. Today I set off to go and do a very short and simple bit of shooting with a little camera up in a small village north of Perth.

My “amateur” tag for the day was because Christine, a very nice lady wanting to be in GMTV’s Chefs at Sea strand next week had submitted a short film of her cooking her signature dish, prawns in pasta.

Unfortunately the quality even by amateur standards was not good. The problem was the audio. It was impossible to hear her as she did her little commentary.

So for that reason I found myself in the massive kitchen of the house in Strathtay that she looks after for a very, and I mean very wealthy American.

The Yank might be worth a buck or two but he’s not top of the list for wealthy residents in and around the village. JK Rowling has a place in the area as well.

Christine was all set up to go and I, very quickly, using minimum kit and time shot her preparing the delicious dish.

Christine ready to cook.

The Dish ready to eat.

The short shoot done I said bye bye, wished her luck and set off back to Edinburgh to send the short amount of footage down to GMTV from STV in Edinburgh.

It was a lovely summer day and the scenery beautiful. Even although it was a long drive and rather interrupted my holiday I did not mind and had fun taking some photographs on my iPhone and playing with them using one of the many photo apps available.

Once again today there was another major announcement on the future of what will be Daybreak as from the 6th of September.

The on screen team was finalised. Only one new name and face, Steve Hargrave will be the new Showbiz guy.

I was surprised and disappointed to hear that nicest and wittiest guys I know would not be “carrying on” from GMTV to Daybreak. All the best to Richard Arnold.

JK Rowling's place is not that far from here.

Private Bridge over the river Tay.

Beautiful wildlife....
...however small, not forgetting the flowers...
..and busy bees.
Scotland is a beautiful country.


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