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Thursday, 29 April 2010

Nick Clegg Interview

Sunday 25th April

It was approaching 10 pm on the dark streets of the Scottish capital.

The little fleet of parked shiny black cars, smart dark suited men with short tidy haircuts standing beside them chatting were the give away.

The man of the election so far, Nick Clegg had arrived and was already in his Edinburgh hotel.

I was glad that an arrival shot was not needed.

I got my kit out of the car and waited a few moments for GMTV’s senior correspondent Richard Gaisford to arrive.

We were lead to a small trendy mini lounge area outside the room in the Raddison that would be used for the Liberal Press conference tomorrow morning.

There were a couple of funky lime green seats and an oversized modern angle poise lamp.

It would make an acceptable backdrop for the short interview.

I set the camera up connected the microphone.

Richard and I waited a short while.

Lead in by his tall blonde press officer he arrived said hello to Richard and sat in the obvious seat.

There was none of the usual small talk, Richard launched into his questions.

Mr Clegg answered like the consummate professional communicator that he is becoming.

The was wearing a suit but no tie. Even although he sounded enthusiastic and passionate extolling the Lib Dem policy on defence and defence spending I felt rather than saw that he appeared a bit knackered.

When the interview was finished he stood up and said thanks to Richard and I as he started to leave saying that he was pretty shattered.

I then went to Richard's room where we put the material onto his mac to be sent to GMTV in London via the hotel internet.

A clip would appear on the programme in the morning.

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