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Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Happy Snow Year!

Friday 8th January

Day Dawns to Reveal Edinburgh Castle Atop its Snowy Rock.

Like just about everyone on the UK Edinburgh has been under a very think white shroud of snow.

Also like most of my broadcasting colleagues that weather has been at the top of our agenda.

However, for the first time in many years I have not had to slog out to cut off communities or hitch a lift in RAF helicopters as they rescue or supply stranded householders.

My journey over the last three days has just been into Edinburgh city centre and up on to the roof of the STV studios to do straight forward piece to camera live broadcasts with Marcella Whitingdale.

So with a hot cup of coffee not far away and a pretty picture postcard background I felt for the chaps out in the horrible conditions.

Although it was no breeze for us either.

Marcella Whitingdale and I braved the furious snow storms that arrive right on cue on Wednesday.

We could see the dark snow filled clouds advance towards us. The bitter wind picking up just before the stinging icy shards thrown down almost blinded Marcella as she did her first piece to camera.

I was trying to hold the camera steady on the tripod as the wind did its best to take control of it much in the same way it was toying with Marcella’s hair.

It was as if a playful uncle was ruffling her hair but taking it a bit too far.

Her eyes were watering in response to the constant attention of the wind.

The Coast of Fife can be seen under the Thick Heavy Snow Laden Clouds.

Marcella Whitingdale Prepares to Broadcast in front of my Snow Covered Camera.

Even After a Severe Weather Battering Marcella still Manages to Look Great and Stay Smiling.

The producers in London loved it. So much so that we were given a couple of extra unplanned broadcasts to do.

For the rest of the morning the snow did continue to arrive with impeccable timing for our broadcasts but never as enthusiastically as the first one.

Heavy Clouds Over the Castle as the Light Comes up on Wednesday.

On Thursday it was much calmer and pretty cold but Friday brought the coldest morning with ice quickly forming on the cover of the camera.

A Beautiful Moon Above the Castle on Thursday.

Marcella's View of the Ice Covered Camera.

Before one of our broadcasts I had to scrape ice off the lens before we went on air.

Those three mornings were not the most pleasant that I have spent but I know that there were lots of guys out there getting it much worse.

At least a lot of satellite trucks carry a kettle and enough generator power to use it.

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