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Saturday, 7 November 2009

In RAINY Cape Town!

Saturday 7th November

“You can’t park there!”  The universal chant of the jobsworth greeted us early on this cold morning at Boulders beach.

Chris the rugged Environmental Officer met to guide us on the famous beach where there are lots of penguins.

He had copies of all the permits and permissions to film on the beach.

We had copies of all the permits and permissions to film on the beach.

Even with all this paoerwork giving us the OK to do our stuff on the beach the South African burocracy kicked in.

“No film crews at the weekend!” The wardens at the beach kept saying.

This is normally the case but we had been given special dispensation.

Chris tried to explain this to several people pointing out the date on the permit.

He gave them the names of all the senior people that he had spoken to to make the arrangements.

After much debate, grumbling and shaking of heads one of the women rather reluctantly went off to make a phone call.

We kicked our heels and chatted with Steve, Vicky and their two kids Jake and Ben. They had emigrated to Cape Town a couple of years ago. 

We were going to do some filming with them showing what their life was like here in what is usually a sunny South Africa.

At last the woman reappeared tying not to look too disappointed to tell us that it was OK to go and do our stuff.



......and more Penguins.....

.....even Penguins on the Rocks.

We went on to the beach and filmed the family looking at the unusual sight of penguins building nests in the sand.

We also filmed them at their nice house not far away.

En route to the Winery.

The clouds were starting to get a lot lower and the wind was picking up. So, the outside shots showing the pool and the beautiful views over to the mountains that were fast disappearing under the grey shrouds.

The Cloud and Rain Over the Mountains.

When we went to the next location, a very picturesque winery, the oldest in South Africa the rain lashed down and the wind started to bring down trees.

The only place that we were able to film in the winery was the temporary tasting room. The rest of the place was being refurbished.

It wasn’t ideal because it was a little dark. There was only a short bit to do with Emma having a quick taste of wine and chatting to an expert.

I did a little bit of lighting and off we went.

We slogged it back through the wind and rain to the V&A Waterfront shopping centre where we did a quick piece to camera beside the trendy designer shops.

We had dinner and were all shattered after an early start coming straight after a long days work after getting off an overnight flight when it is never easy to get a proper sleep.

We were not going to get a full night’s sleep tonight either. The flight to Port Elizabeth tomorrow was early.

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