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Monday, 9 February 2009

Motorway Madness

9th February 2009 pm

After breakfast all we had to do was get up to the next location around an hour or so away. I drove over the Severn Bridge in heavy rain with the speed limit down to fifty. Apart from the weather the journey was going very well until I heard that there was a lorry fire that had closed the M5. Not wanting to get stuck in a long traffic jam I went off at the next exit to get around it. Thinking I was doing the right thing for once I was quite pleased. I had not reckoned on half the cars and trucks in or near the midlands trying like me to get through Tewkesbury. I would have been as well staying on the motorway because according to the radio it was clear for several more junctions before the blockage and Tewkesbury was snarled up because of people trying to avoid the jam!

The weather might be bad but the bridge is beautiful.

Eventually I arrived after having a  mild trauma with the Sat’ Nav’ taking me to the wrong location. David and the producers had gone through a similar scenario were already there. They filled me on the various technical things like where cables are going to go and an idea of the way the broadcast will go. It should be relatively straightforward. There is a small chance of me going A over T at the point I have to do quite a long backward walk. Fingers but not feet crossed it should be OK.

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